Communicating to reduce crime!

Shopwatch is a network of businesses, from a town centre and outlying areas, linked by radio to each other, the police and CCTV operators. Operating in cities, towns and shopping centres across the country, and collaborating with local councils, town CCTV and the police, its purpose is to deter and ultimately assist with the prevention of antisocial behaviour within our public spaces and as well as increasing personal safety and confidence amongst many retailers and their customers.

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Communicating to reduce crime

The backbone of the scheme is a reliable, affordable two-way radio communication system, allowing shop staff, police personnel and community wardens to co-ordinate their efforts. Effective communication can have a huge impact on social issues such as; violence, vandalism, arson, shoplifting, fraud, drunkenness, trespassing and general anti-social behaviour.


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How does Shopwatch work?

• Members of the Shopwatch network carry a radio on their person or a store may keep one behind the counter
• Everyone on the network will hear the messages sent, usually via a central controller or a repeater radio station
• Offenders who are known or seen to be causing concern to be spotted and tracked before they commit crimes against businesses
• Each two-way radio user will have a caller ID so the controller knows who is transmitting and can identify their general operating area
• Security staff and the police can monitor the two-way radio network at all times and respond accordingly
• If a radio is stolen, it can be disabled remotely so the radio will be unusable (it can also be re-enabled when it is recovered)

Pubwatch and Townwatch

The success of the Shopwatch scheme has led to the introduction of similar schemes such as Pubwatch and Townwatch, also using two-way radio communications. Smye-Rumsby has designed, installed and commissioned many such systems and, as popularity has grown, we continue to provide the support and after sales care, throughout the UK, to ensure these systems perform to the very highest standard.



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