Body Worn Cameras from Smye Rumsby in Kent [B-Cam]

Professional & Powerful Security Protection

The B-Cam SRU is the only body worn camera unit that combines all the advanced features needed for military, security, police and rescue applications

‘State-of-the-art’ wearable, security camera systems. 

The B-Cam SRU body worn camera provides an accurate record of events for incident review, debriefings, training and more. Used in police, government and security applications, B-Cam SRU can reduce violent crime, protect officers, improve surveillance and reduce incidents of false accusations or misconduct. The B-Cam SRU is designed by professionals for use in the field and is the state-of-the-art in body-worn security camera systems.

The compact unit combines full-motion video and high-gain voice recording to precisely record the actions of the wearer and anyone nearby.

The B-Cam SRU body worn camera is designed & field-tested to support the following industries / sectors:

  • Emergency Medical & Rescue / Healthcare Sector
  • Security
  • Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Police & Fire
  • Extreme Sports
  • Sports Stadiums

The B-Cam SRU body worn camera has many advantages:Microsoft Word - Body worn camera Guidance.docxDesktop-Client-Flow-Front-page

  • Extra-long lasting, removable battery
  • Rugged construction, water resistant
  • Continuous high-definition video
  • IR / Low-light recording
  • Internal memory & activity log
  • Tamper-proof security

Your B-CAM is supplied complete with Vest, Battery & Single Charger

Optional Extras


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