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Hytera Body Worn Cameras

Record, React, Review

Hytera’s Body Worn Camera range are the ideal companions for every critical situation, providing safety and security for members of staff, the public and the business. Capturing vital evidence is vital, and more businesses are turning to bodycam products.

Introducing Hytera’s Remote Video Microphone (RVM) range  - cutting edge technology with top of the range audio and video recording capabilities as well as an ergonomic design.

Say goodbye to carrying unnecessary equipment with the new Hytera all in one camera device. Hytera Body Worn Cameras are built to stand the harsher environments, and all are water-resistant and drop tested to at least 1.5m. All Body Cameras conform to IP67 and MIL-STD-810G standards.

A Body Worn Camera is designed to protect you and are typically used by police officers, fire and ambulance services, however, there are many uses across industries. From prison officers to traffic wardens, railway workers to healthcare workers - any workers who may face abuse in their day-to-day duties will find these beneficial.

Choosing the correct Bodycam for your requirements is essential, but with the full range of Hytera solutions, there is a product to meet all needs and budgets.

Designed To Protect, Built To Last

  • Powerful Battery Performance - equipped with a 2500mAh li-ion battery, these bodycams are designed to get you through a shift. The battery will last for over 7 hours of continuous recording and over 250 hours in standby – it’s also removable, so you can quickly change it whilst still on duty.


  • Superior Build Quality - built to withstand harsh environments, all Hytera Body Worn Cameras are drop tested to 1.5m and are water-resistant.


  • Lightweight & Compact - Hytera's Bodycams and built for the modern world, compatible with  KlickFast accessories, including secure and rugged studs which can be retro-fitted


  • Flexible & Programmable - Each bodycam is programmable and can be customised to your needs. We know every organisation is different, and adaptability is key in this business.


  • Secure Data - Footage cannot be deleted or amended via the device, but only with software options that are password protected


  • Multi-Charge & Data Transfer - Save time by charging all batteries for your bodycams at once, and simultaneously collect the data from each device via the multi-unit dock. 

Never Miss Crucial Evidence

Hytera Body Worn Cameras can be set to record both 20-30 seconds before and after an incident, just in case there isn't time to react. Each device is programmable, making it more adaptable for your uses. Covert users can put their camera into “silent mode” to remain undetected, and the PTT button can be programmed to start and stop recording for when you need to react quickly.

Professional Digital Evidence Management Software


Smart Mobile Device Management allows you to collect and store digital evidence via the Multi-Unit Charger. With an intuitive interface, you can review, manage and share data straight from your PC.

We know that managing and storing evidence is vital to any security system, the Hytera Body Worn Camera comes with an effective Evidence Management Software to cater to all sizes and types of organizations. The platform protects not just the public but also personnel who are using the body worn camera and the organizations too.

It’s impossible to delete or amend footage directly from a bodycam –  to view and manage the visual or audio evidence, the body worn camera must be connected to one of Hytera's secure software options. To view and manage video, audio or photographic evidence, an RVM must be connected to one of Hytera’s secure software options which are password protected.

Evidence can be tagged upon upload, meaning you can search through your data with a keyword. There are software options for everyone, no matter how many users.

Trusted By Many

Law enforcement officers are finding a body worn camera is essential for their work.

A year-long study conducted by the University of Cambridge studied almost 2,000 police officers across UK and US police forces. The study shows that the introduction of wearable cameras led to a 93% drop in complaints made against police by the public – suggesting the cameras result in behavioural changes that 'cool down' potentially volatile encounters.

As opposed to CCTV systems, a body worn camera enables you to capture audio and close-up video in the moment - making it easier to identify those in the video and the audio recording helps you to understand the situation better.

Which Hyera Body Camera Model Is For You?

Hytera VM780

The VM780 is the most advanced body worn camera on the market due to its incredible power and functionality.

This device is equipped with 3G/4G connectivity, NFC, GPS and PoC application capability, and navigation around the UI is easy thanks to its 2.8″ touch screen.

Hytera VM780

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