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Shop Worker Assault Will Become Criminal Offence

Shop worker assault will be made a separate criminal offence in England and Wales as part of a government response to a wave of retail crime. This new legislation highlights the most serious nature of unacceptable behaviour in public-facing situations, whether in retail or any other similar industry. Studies have shown that the use of…

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[2024] Body Worn Camera Kits for Hire or to Buy

Smye-Rumsby offer Body Worn Camera Kits for Hire or to Buy. Equipped with the latest cameras, your people will be provided with better protection from aggression and intimidation. Footage can be downloaded securely for review and used for evidential purposes, should the need arise. Each body worn camera kit includes the following: body worn camera,…

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Hytera VM780 Body Worn Camera Kit for Hire

Hytera VM780 Body Worn Camera Kit for Hire With the 2023 festival and event season nearly here, we’re excited to offer a complete body worn camera bundle for hire that includes the popular and robust Hytera VM780. This new bundle is focused around the Hytera VM780, a compact and robust body worn camera made to…

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Attacks See Paramedics Body Cameras Usage Increase

Due to a rise in violent attacks of paramedic staff, paramedics body cameras usage has increased as thousands are to be given body worn cameras says NHS England. The aim is to reduce violence as well as aid the staff in feeling safer. During emergency callouts, there has been a significant increase of members of…

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What To Consider Before Buying A Body Worn Camera

If you’re looking for information about what to consider before buying a body worn camera, then we’d love to help. Body worn cameras are a vital part of a security team’s kit, gathering evidence and recording situations accurately. The use of bodycam technology has increased over the past 5 years, with other industries finding them…

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