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Having been around since 1948, we offer a wide range of technical services and products across the shipping industry. We work on everything from small rigid inflatables up to commercial trawlers, ferries, and cargo ships.

For many years we have also been the on-call marine electronics engineers for all of the cross channel ferry companies operating out of Dover, able to respond and deal with serious failures and emergencies around the clock at short notice. By working closely with all of the industry suppliers we can offer great prices on all areas of marine electronics, including power supply systems, navigation equipment, short and long-range communications, and all aspects of sea safety.

Whether you are looking for a complete vessel overhaul or just a quick repair, our team of marine engineers can assist you.

If you are navigating offshore or inland waterways, a communication device will be one of the most important tools onboard any maritime vessel. Safety is paramount, as conditions can change very quickly and without warning.

We provide vital equipment for navigation, liaising with the coastguard, marina’s and harbour’s as well as the ability to send and receive distress signals and weather updates. 

Marine Electronics In Kent Client - Oly Ray Vessel
"The engineer visited my vessel in very poor weather as my radar had broken and a repair was needed urgently. He had good sea legs and promptly repaired the fault. First class service"
Pete Shepard

VHF Marine Electronics

Our team is able to supply all aspects of marine electronics in Kent & the surrounding areas. A small example of work we regularly carry out includes:


Fish Finder & Chart Plotter Installation

Battery Charging & Inverter Installation


VHF Radio & Antenna Replacement

Repairs to all kinds of
Electronic Equipment

Marine Electronics Workshop in Kent

We have been working in the marine electronics industry for over seventy years.

As well as being able to repair marine electronics, we can also have all manner of specialist parts fabricated for marine use, using stainless steel, aluminium, or whatever is required to give a long lasting professional finish in this harsh environment. 

On-site we have specialist marine electronics engineers who are equipped to help you with any radio communication issues, as well as faults on equipment. 

Our engineers cover all of Kent & further afield where required. We are currently carrying out work at Tilbury Docks, Port of London, Whitstable Harbour, Port of Dover, Hastings Harbour and the windfarms off the Kent coast. 

For both the commercial and leisure markets, our engineers’ specific knowledge means we can install, service and repair a wide range of manufacturers’ equipment including (but not limited to):



Echo Sounders


Above is an example of Jason, Head of Fleet at Cardium Shellfish, using an AIS system to track other vessels in their cockling fleet. 

Luke working on a trawlers marine electronics system at whitstable

An electric fault was causing a fishing trawler’s electronic displays to be faulty. Luke, our director, diagnosed and solved the problem to get the vessel back to work ASAP. 

We also work with your vessel’s safety equipment for Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS), EPIRBs, AIS, SARTS and lifeboat radios in this service.

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems) is a system put in place that ensures ships have specific requirements which need to be met depending on the size of the vessel and number of passengers on board. As well as some of the communications equipment falling into this, it includes further equipment, such as:

EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Rescue Beacon) – If you end up in the water, or the ship sinks, this beacon sends out a signal to alert rescue services.

SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) – Another beacon that directs rescue ships to your location using their radars.

It’s never a great time for your ship’s electronics to go wrong, our team is here to help if that happens. If you would like a marine equipment diagnostic, or to upgrade your current equipment, get in touch with our team today and we can discuss your next steps. 

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