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Crane Antennas

Reliable and clear radio communications across your site

We provide crane antennas that enable full radio coverage across your site.

Tower cranes, used on construction sites, often require two-way radios as a source of communication to ensure safe operation.

There are very specific requirements and challenges that must be observed when designing, installing and operating a radio system in this environment.

It is vitally important for the banksman to be able to communicate clearly with the crane operator. The crane operator’s radio will be used from a height, which is often unavoidable, whereas the banksman’s position can change, altering the direction of transmissions and potentially impacting the clarity of communication.

builder worker in uniform and helmet operating with tower crane by portable radio station transmitter

Reduced Radio Interference

Any radio system mounted high up on a structure can cause interference to other users over a wide radius.

On a building site, there are many other factors that can obstruct radio communication, such as output power, surrounding buildings, ground clutter and the direction of transmissions. There may also be different propagation problems that occur as the construction progresses.

We have many years of experience in dealing with radio operations, signaling systems, and licensing requirements in these conditions.

Having successfully mastered the design and build of tower crane antennas, we greatly reduce interference from unwanted radio traffic, reduce transmitted signals extending beyond the immediate locality and guarantee the efficiency of radio communication for the entire site.

Reliable Communication Across Your Entire Site

Radio Communications Icon Transparent

Careful Engineering

We've been working with radio communications for over 70 years. Our experience means we have mastered tower crane antennas to ensure efficient communication.

Bespoke Solutions

Not every site is the same. We conduct site surveys to assess your needs and create a solution that works for you.

Reliable Radio Communication

Communication across construction sites are vital. We guarantee the efficiency of radio communication for your entire site.

Simon - Senior Engineer

Here's our senior technician Simon fitting a crane antenna at the Shell Building, Central London.

The signal needed to reach subterranean levels, so the solution was an analogue repeater and downfire antenna from crane cab level to reach required floors. 

Problem-solving is our forte, and we guarantee radio communications across your site.

Hands Free Communication

The HSE recommends hands-free communication for crane operators.

We fit hands-free communication solutions to enable crane operators to communicate with teams on the ground without endangering life.

In the photo, at the centre of the footwell, you can see the foot-operated switch. The radio itself is attached to both a visor microphone and foot-switch to allow easy communication.

Safety is paramount.

Crane Antenna Two Way Radio In Footwell

Let's Get You Communicating Clearer!

There's nothing worse than patchy connections, especially when mishearing something on your two-way radio can lead to serious injury or death.

We can help you with a communication solution that works for you.

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