Hytera Patrol Systems

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The Hytera Patrol System is a simple, user-friendly, cost-efficient solution for the management of security personnel and assets.

Utilising radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and the reliable PD415 digital mobile radio (DMR) as your reader, you can monitor personnel and assets at all times, increasing safety, security and patrol efficiency.

The RFID tags are made up of a patrol identification card (POA72) and a checkpoint (POA71). The checkpoints are installed in the location that needs to be safeguarded, along the intended patrol route.

As the user starts their shift, they register their PD415 with their patrol identification card, logging them on to the patrol system. As the user passes a checkpoint along their patrol route, the radio is held against the checkpoint. This scans the location using the RFID technology. The data acquired is transmitted from the radio t o the patrol software where all logs can be subsequently analysed.

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