Hytera Smart Despatch

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Smart Dispatch is Hytera’s entry level software dispatcher system for digital mobile radio (DMR) Tier II and XPT (Smart XPT Version). Clients can connect direct to Hytera repeaters or via a gateway radio to monitor and control their radio system.

Smart Dispatch offers the following functionality which can be tailored on a per customer basis:

• On-line/off-line status reporting
• Remote monitoring
• All types of voice call
• Radio kill and radio activation
• Multiple mappings support
• GPS positioning
• Real-time tracking
• Location history and route playback
• Regions and geofencing
• Text messaging
• Offline messaging
• Emergency alarm
• Voice recording and playback
• Reporting and statistic
• Phone interconnect
• Audio Link
• Dispatcher intercom
• Email gateway

Hytera DMR SmartDispatch from Maggie Wilkinson on Vimeo.

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