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Radio Management Software (RMS) integrates desktop PC’s, Icom handhelds, mobiles and repeaters in an easy to use management system. A central computer logs all radio traffic into database for you to recall any historical data.

RMS-Net incorporates IDAS digital technology, analogue standards and can be used in mixed mode while you are in a transition. RMS offers many essential safety features such as man down alerts, lone worker functions, panic buttons and now voice recording and IP remote dispatch capability.

I-LOC utilises beacons located around a building that periodically transmit an ID code to the handheld radio. Compatible Icom hand portables then receive the transmissions and relay the beacon ID to the dispatcher software - providing internal location capability. This provides a powerful tracking tool when GPS is unavailable.

I-READ provides exact positioning data, requiring the user to touch the radio-frequency identification (RFID) device to an I-READ beacon. The data is then transferred by the handset to the dispatcher to give the exact position of the user.