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The SafetyNet platform is a flexible, modular and integrated package that provides a range of tools that can be adapted to meet very specific applications.

SafetyNet Digital offers a powerful range of services and functions for digital radio, managing audio and data and making full use of the capabilities and versatility of digital radio and IP technology. A system can be built from the core system providing basic radio management facilities with additional functions added through our software licensing scheme.

SafetyNet Digital provides support for all the latest digital radio technologies through a number of IP interfaces and decoder gateways. Links with telephony, serial data and pager services are also supported.

SafetyNet Digital forms the main server and gateway functions servicing; location, telephone connect and data services applications.


SafetyNet - Getting Information Fast from Maggie Wilkinson on Vimeo.


Safetynet in Factories from Maggie Wilkinson on Vimeo.


Safetynet for Construction from Maggie Wilkinson on Vimeo.