Hytera DMR Tier III

We are here to connect people in critical conditions

Tier III is Hytera’s flagship system for large multi-channel users.

Hytera’s digital trunked radio solution (Tier III) is designed for demanding radio users to deliver business and mission critical communications. Developed in compliance with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard, Hytera DMR trunking offers a customised system based on the individual needs of your organisation.

Modular and flexible, a Hytera trunking system can tackle high radio traffic, maximising available capacity across dynamic user groups and challenging single or multi-site geographies.

If you require large communications capacity, complete control and a dedicated connection, then a Hytera DMR Tier III trunking solution could be the radio system for you, delivering our expansive feature set to ensure your current and future communications requirements are covered.

Hytera UK- DMR Hytera DMR Trunking Lite from Smye-Rumsby Ltd on Vimeo.