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Fashion Forum & NABCP Join Forces To Fight Crime

The retail loss prevention Fashion Forum & NABCP have agreed to work closely together to support each other in reducing retail crime in stores in our towns and cities. WE will share contact details to share information, develop close working relationship and deal more quickly and effectively with retail crime.

Fashion Forum loss prevention and security staff and NABCP crime managers will be able to access each other’s details via the members’ area of the NABCP website so that they can contact colleagues, exchange information about crime and work closely together on a variety of linked topics.

Allyn Thomas, chairman of NABCP said, ‘It has always been one of the long-term strategic objectives of NABCP to develop a more effective communications system between our BCRPs and their members at head office. We have been engaged in negotiations to ensure that we both have confidence that the arrangement will work and deliver significant benefits to us all. In these times of increasingly squeezed police resources it makes good operational sense to work more closely, and for NABCP to develop similar arrangements with other groups.’

Mitch Haynes, Head of Security for Aurora Fashions and Karen Millen, who represents the Fashion Forum on the NABCP board of management, said, ‘This is excellent news. We have been examining practical ways for us to work more closely together for some time, so that we can both get better operational value from each other. We value the work that local partnerships carry out on our behalf and this communication improvement is going to be a positive step forward.’

Mike Schuck, operations director for NABCP said, ‘This is the culmination of our discussions to see how we could deliver this added value service for a significant number of our retail members who have a major presence on the high street. The adoption of more modern website technology has been of great assistance here, and we expect this to be a catalyst for further progress by providing newsletters, information regarding local and regional meetings and intelligence to our Fashion Forum colleagues. We hope this will be a model for other retail groups to aspire to.’

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