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Introducing The New Motorola CLR Series

Small. Versatile. Powerful.

Motorola CLR Front

The CLR is the small, lightweight and easy to use radio with push-to-talk (PTT) operation for communication in an instant.

The CLR Series is your essential communication tool built to last all day, every day. Available in both licensed and license-free, there is a radio to suit all organisations.

Crystal clear communication is critical for all teams. Whether you are supervising a production line, monitoring the school playground, serving customers in a store, or managing an office, it's vital to be able to connect instantly to share information with your team.

The CLR is IP52 rated to resist dust and water that could otherwise damage the radio. It has also been tested to MIL-STD 810H to ensure it is tough enough to take with you all day. Extended shifts are no problem for the CLR; its long lasting battery helps you power through up to 18 hours of communication and collaboration.

Available with 16 channels, the CLR Series offers two models to suit your staff and work environment. A PMR446 license-free version or higher power 1W licensed model with a greater coverage area so your business can organise team communications in the space you need.

A range of accessories are available including different chargers and earpieces, meaning users can customise the radio to meet their needs. You can even customise radio settings with custom guided voice annoucements to help your team get the most from their CLR.

Motorola CLR Features

Motorola CLR Features

Attractive & Comfortable

The Motorola CLR fits into the palm of your hand. Featuring a compact design, you can carry your radio discreetly and comfortably through extended shifts.

Voice-Guided Navigation

Help your staff to easily learn the radio with voice guided menus. The CLR allows you to use pre-defined voice prompts for your channels and lets you add custom voice prompts to help your staff identify the channel they should be using.

Be Heard Loud & Clear

Reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio from the built-in speaker or compatible headsets for precise communication between users.

Essential Controls

To allow users to focus on their tasks at hand, the radio is simple to operation. The PTT button is easy to locate, keeping the design simple yet has everything you need to stay connected with your team

Escalate Call

Initiate important calls and alert users on other channels to communicate immediately in high-risk situations, keeping your teams safer if an incident occurs.

16 Channels

Multiple channels give you the flexibility to keep different teams on separate channels and keep your staff focused on their roles. Privacy codes can be added to protect communications from neighbouring groups.

Repeater Capable

With a Motorola Solutions repeater and the 1W licensed CLR model, you can stay in touch with your team and in control of your business across an area up to 37,160 sq m and 30 floors.

Additional Features

• VOX hands free

• 6 call tones

• Mute

• 15 volume levels

• Antimicrobial coating

• Scan/Monitor

• Customer programming software (CPS)

• 0.5W Loudspeaker

• 8-Colour LED for channel, mode, and battery indication

Available Accessories For Motorola CLR

Who is the Motorola CLR suitable for?

Communication and coordination are two critical functions within commercial industries. The Motorola CLR is a simple to use device suitable for a variety of industries including; schools, offices, retail and manufacturing.

Enquire About Motorola CLR

The Motorola CLR is a simple-to-use and affordable radio with a wide use of applications. To enquire about the CLR and learn how it can help your team communicate better, fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss options.

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