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Just A Normal Day At The Office…

Here, you can see him fully kitted-out for fitting new antennas at Kentish Flats wind farm, to improve essential personnel radio communications. Each turbine is taller than the London Eye and has a swept area of 11,300m². This is equivalent to over one and a half times the size of Wembley Stadium’s football pitch.

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Smye-Rumsby became involved with offshore wind farms from their inception.

We provided the constructional communications for the Great Gabbard, London Array, and Thanet Array. This included installation and maintenance of remotely controlled radio systems to greatly improve the coverage and reliability for VHF radio communications.

This system was implemented using fibre optic technology, and provided connectivity to the farms’ off-shore installations. Support was also provided to the myriad of transfer/support vessels, which included navigational equipment and electrical work.

We continue to support wind farms, and are providing services to the facility companies running and maintaining them

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