Since its inception in 1948, when the world’s first fish finder was commercialised, FURUNO has been responding to safe, worry-free navigation the needs of the maritime industry through developing various typesion and communications equipment.

Their fields of business have extended from our main business field of the maritime industry to medical, as well as, ICT industries.

Making full use of their core technological expertise, namely, sensing, processing and communication, FURUNO strives to bring about safety and efficiency in vessels’ operation, sustainable fishery with thorough resource management, safe healthcare and the pleasant society filled with safety and peace of mind. 

Based upon sensor technologies, utilising ultrasound and radio waves, FURUNO develops and distributes Marine Electronics as well as Industrial Electronics products and systems around the globe.

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FURUNO is constantly enhancing its profile in new markets and business fields through manufacturing and delivering car navigation systems, reference frequency oscillators, ground deformation positioning systems and other GNSS/GPS products; ITS devices including ETC automotive devices; medical equipment devices combining mechatronics, sensing and image processing technology; and systems utilising advanced information processing and mechanical control technologies.


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