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The Launch of the Motorola Wave TLK-100

Motorola have done it again with the Motorola Wave TLK-100! Combing innovative two-way radio technology with trusted mobile networks.

Rugged, compact and a long battery life, the TLK-100 maximises efficiency with crisp, clear audio & location tracking. Purpose-built for business, the Motorola Wave TLK-100 has been designed to improve worker communication and effectiveness.

Combining the broad coverage of an EU-wide mobile network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE radio system gets your team connected fast.

Previously, to achieve coverage across sites there would need to be costly radio infrastructure. With the new Motorola WAVE system, you can get your team up and running quickly without the need for manual programming or time-consuming spectrum licensing.

Motorola Wave TLK-100 radios are compatible with current two-way radio systems and smart phones, allowing you to bridge the gap between the two.

One Button, Multiple Teams..

Our Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Communicate with a single co-worker or the entire team using the push-to-talk button.

Motorola WAVE TLK-100

Powerful and slim design
Move seamlessly from the field to the office with a device that supports one-handed use.
Built tough
Never worry about rain, dust, extreme temperatures or dropping the TLK-100. The device is designed to perform in harsh working environments.
Location tracking
Easily manage your workforce using GPS to maximise safety, find quicker routes, and position team members
Wi-Fi connectivity
Where cellular coverage may be limited, WAVE works with compatible Wi-Fi networks too.

SL1600 accessory-compatible
Previous accessories from the SL1600 range are compatible with the TLK, allowing you to leverage prior investments and reduce upfront cost.

Long battery life
With a battery designed to last 18 hours, you’ll have power when you need it most.
Screenless design
Empower your team to focus on the job at hand by minimising the distractions of email, text and apps.

“The TLK-100 makes it feel like I’m talking to someone right next to me. The clarity and the coverage is outstanding!”

A Motorola TLK-100 User

Bridge Multiple Job Sites

Motorola WAVE knows no country or borders, communicate instantly with your team at the push of the button. The WAVE system allows you to connect multiple facilities without setting up or maintaining complicated radio infrastructure. No matter what mobile network your team are on, Motorola WAVE allows you to connect seamlessly to existing smartphones & LMR.

Thanks to reliable Europe-wide PTT networks your device can work whenever and wherever you need.

Communicate instantly with team members across the country or across borders at the push of a button. Bridge multiple job sites, facilities, and operations without needing to set up or maintain a complicated infrastructure. Connect with team members regardless of their network, on existing LMR to smartphones and more.

TLK-100 Connects Your Teams Like Never Before

Office workers liaising with site workers, sales staff communicating with the warehouse… It’s all a breeze with the Motorola TLK-100. Thanks to reliable Europe-wide PTT networks, radios work whenever and wherever you need them

Whatever your radio communication requirements, WAVE enables instant communication between radios and smartphones across 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Key Benefits of Motorola WAVE vs. Standard Two Way Radios

So, the question here is.. Is it worth upgrading to the Motorola WAVE system?

Wider Radio Coverage

Crystal Clear Communications

– Easy To Use

– No Complex Equipment To Maintain

– Predictable Cost

– Integrates Seamlessly With Smartphones

After taking into account the cost of setup, repair & maintenance of current radio systems.. Not only do you receive more features with WAVE, it is also more cost-effective too.

What Industries Would Benefit From A TLK-100?

The Motorola WAVE system is beneficial for many industries operating across the UK. Allowing staff to communicate across larger distances, even nationwide if required, the TLK-100 is a cut above the rest in radio technology.

Here are some examples of businesses that would find the WAVE system useful compared to a traditional two-way radio system:

– Events Management

– Transport (Buses, Taxis, Trains)

– Logistics (Lorries and Couriers)

– Schools

– Waste Management

– Construction (Domestic & Commercial)

– Retail

– Office Space

– Hospitality

…And the list goes on!

Motorola Wave TLK Product Image

If Motorola WAVE TLK-100 is something that interests you, we have a team of radio communication experts here to help you make the right decision for you.

Smye-Rumsby Ltd have been Gold Resellers with Motorola for the past few decades, our wealth of industry experiences means we can give impartial advice on your requirements.

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