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The body-worn video market is one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the world

Pinnacle Response have been pioneers in product development since 2007, building solutions around the needs of the client. Body worn cameras and video management technology are revolutionising the law enforcement industry. Pinnacle Response is leading that revolution as manufacturers of the PR5 and PR6 body cameras and secure video management systems (D.E.M.S).

  • One-swipe on or off
  • Recording capacity-13.5 hours
  • Crystal-clear optimised sound qualityPR6 OffPR6 on4
  • Superior gain & low-light capture
  • 1080p HD wide-screen recording at 30fps
  • Tamperproof, ruggedised build
  • IP66 - water and dust resistant
  • Battery Power on Standby-150 hours
  • Secure encryption
  • Ultra-speed USB 3.0
  • Up to 48mb / second upload
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Enhanced low light capture 

The PR6 body camera offers the same intuitive ease of use and best in class functionality as the PR5 combined with significant security upgrades. Boasting a range of audio and video upgrades alongside secure encryption, enhanced functionality and secure data transfer via wireless or ultra-fast USB 3.0 upload, the PR6 is setting new standards for Police Authorities across Europe and the wider Professional Security Sector around the world. 

The PR6 and integrated D.E.M.S software offers a formidable body worn video solution whatever the demands of the organisation.  With enhanced ‘true’ 1080p definition, the HD audio and video capture is vastly superior to all other cameras on the market. Unique pause frame video technology must be seen to be believed and is crucial for accurate facial recognition evidence.

Key Features

  • USB 3.0 – enables data transfer up to 25 times faster than USB 2.0. Fully decrypting 32 GB of 1080p footage and transferring to a standalone laptop takes less than 15 minutes with USB 3.0. (5 minutes of footage takes 7 seconds to upload)
  • Secure USB – AES256 encryption fully complies with the Data Protection Act (1998) and protects you and your organisation from unauthorised users.
  • D.E.M.S. – end to end footage management with full audit trail, the Pinnacle Response D.E.M.S software package provides a secure camera-to-court solution that is fully integrated with the PR6 body-worn video camera.
  • Fast Charging Dock – the Pinnacle Response fast charging dock fully charges the PR6 body worn video camera 3 times faster than a standard wall charger.
  • 1080p FULL HD – the PR6 produces crystal clear audio and video quality as standard, making it the most formidable cameras available.PR6 and Accessories2
  • Pre-record Function – the PR6 has a pre-record feature that when enabled, automatically saves previous footage when the shutter is activated.
  • Still Frame Technology – the PR6 eradicates motion blur from still frame video footage; perfect for facial recognition and vehicle registration mark identification.
  • IP66 Rating – the PR6 boasts one of the best water and dust resistant ratings in the world, making it dependable even in the harshest environments.
  • Tamper Proof Design – non-removal battery and internal memory ensures that the PR6 and footage are safe and secure.


Complete Body Worn Video Management

This platform allows users to upload, tag and share footage simply and securely. It is tightly integrated with our PR6 body-worn cameras, which help deter offenders and capture video footage of important events. Once a video is captured on the PR6 body worn camera users can store and manage this footage using DEMS. To help with judicial processes videos can be marked as evidential until it is needed at a later date, providing a camera-to-court strategy.

Key Features

  • Protected USB protocol
  • Automatic retention period of footage
  • Securely upload, store, manage and share
  • Certificate-based digital signature per file
  • Password controlled access levels
  • Full audit trail and usage reports
  • Flexible metadata management
  • Case management and evidence search
  • Book out and book in camera control
  • Wide browser and device support


code of practice


Body Worn Camera Policy UK - The Protection of Freedom Act (POFA) of 2012 is a wide - ranging piece of legislation. It embraces a raft of measures with significant implications for the rights of the individual. It was seen as an attempt by the coalition to rebalance some of the laws introduced by the previous government that they believed conflicted with civil liberties. Some of the key areas addressed include the DNA database, detention without charge and police stop and search powers. Body Worn Cameras Legislation. Body Camera Legislation UK.

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