Professional and Powerful Security Protection

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is also known as video surveillance and is widely used across many industries. CCTV can prevent crime, but also help to bring offenders to justice. There are many uses for CCTV such as: 

• Security in retail shopping centres, businesses, car parks, town centres, hotels, banks, schools and many more
• Crime prevention
• Transport safety and traffic management and monitoring
• Industrial industries – particularly where employees are working in dangerous conditions and need to be supervised
• Ongoing monitoring or for a one-off event

Advanced surveillance equipment

Smye-Rumsby will thoroughly access your requirements during our free site survey and consult with you on how best to deliver your need. We work towards quality, performance and can provide additional features such as motion detection, email alerts, alarm management and the ability to send and receive data via your computer network and internet. Advanced options include digital video recorders (DVRs), internet protocol cameras (IP cameras) or network video recorders (NVRs).

Exciting Innovations

There are exciting innovations for the CCTV market using not only fixed cameras but facial recognition. This has become a hugely important feature for our clients which as system integrators, we can now offer.

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Key products:

  • Facial Recognition Camera and NVR
  • The Human Body Detection Camera and NVR
  • The Illegal Parking PTZ with ANPR Camera
  • The ANPR Bullet Camera for Number Plate capture, for Barrier / Gate control, and with additional Software Overstay

iDS-2CD8426G0/F-I -DeepinView Dual-Lens Face Recognition Camera

iDS-2CD8426G0/F-I adopts advanced deep learning algorithm and powerful GPU to realise instant face detection, capture, and comparison to accomplish face recognition and related alarm triggering. The camera can be widely used in retail industry and security departments, such as hotel, shopping malls to improve the VIP service, custom, airport to control some key passageway.

Facial recognition

Smart ANPR Solution

Whether it’s used in law enforcement, customer service, or any other vehicle tracking purpose, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) has become an increasingly helpful tool in video surveillance. Security personnel at private parking areas, museums, stadiums, hospitals, and special event venues of various kinds—and all around the world—are placing a high value on intelligent parking solutions. But when considering the available systems on the market, how do you choose the right one?

With the largest R&D department in the security industry, Hikvision has become the number one solution provider worldwide. And with success stories in every vertical market around the world, Hikvision’s Smart ANPR Solution carries the legacy of success into every application. 

Hikvision’s Smart ANPR Solution features DarkFighter ultra-low light technology along with the Blazer Express iVMS station—a powerful and complete central management machine in a single unit. And with simple, intuitive controls, such as the E-map in the live view windows for quick system awareness, automatic barrier controls, alarm triggering, easy reporting, and more, this Smart solution for vehicle management has everything a complete solution needs. 

Smart Solution for Parking areas

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about parking area safety. But protecting vast amounts of open, accessible areas is a critical and difficult task for security personnel. 24-Hour security, every day, is essential for the complete protection of customers’ and visitors’ vehicles – but it’s not always practical. That’s why Hikvision’s Smart Parking Security Solution makes security easy. With Smart functions, statistical reports, and automated access management, our surveillance cameras, recorders, and access controllers work for you, making your job easy. With a powerful central management platform, cameras that capture sharp colour images in extremely low-light environments, automated vehicle number plate recognition, and much more, Hikvision provides everything your parking area needs to ensure efficient, intelligent management – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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