Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera

Evidence is Always Captured Accurately


All- In -One-Device. The VM550 is an all in one device combining a body camera and remote speaker microphone, eliminating the need for multi devices. Equipped with a HD camera providing instant, accurate recordings and image capturing functionality for all operators.With a 2W speakedr, the VM550 also offers clear audio in high noise level working environments.

Rugged and Reliable Structure. The VM550 is compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and IP67 and passes the 1.5m drop test, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh conditions.

Compact and Lightweight. The VM550 weighs 145g. hand-held, clipped or easily slipped into your pocket,makes this the ideal companion for evidence collection during your shift.

Powerful Battery Life.  7 hours video recording >200 hours in Standby Mode, 2500mAh Removable Battery

Wired and Wireless Connection. Micro USB. For charging, Data Export, and Audio Output, 3 Functions in 1 Port, BT/Wifi: For Audio/ Video Transmission.

Digital Evidence Management Platform (DEM). collect and stores the digital evidence on the public security network. Evidence is easily tagged and found using key words. Capable of processing massive data, Cloud server for centralized storage and control. Automatic Data Upload, Role-based access control and user Authorisation for Security.