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"Smye-Rumsby have been an invaluable partner and have offered an amazing degree of support and flexibility in the delivery of our needs. Both the sales and technical back-up has been superb! Any company that requires a true solution partner should certainly make sure they contact Smye-Rusmby."

James Dunn, Communications Officer Kent Search and Rescue

Case Studies

We've worked with many organisations from Kent Search & Rescue through to the War & Peace Show - each one approaching us with a unique challenge. 

Kent Search & Rescue

The Challenge for KSAR was to gain better coverage and gain security. They wanted the ability to have region-wide access. In doing so, this would enable greater efficiency and better use of resources.

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National Trust

As National Trust staff at Knole spend a good deal of their time outdoors or in small places, their communication devices need to be robust, in case of drops and knocks. It was clear that Knole needed a communication solution that provided good coverage of the vast site, was highly reliable, user friendly and feature rich. And, crucially, it had to remain cost effective.

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University Of Kent

The University of Kent wanted to upgrade their current system to a MOTOTRBO digital system to eliminate communication dead spots and to improve audio clarity in outlying parts of the campus. Crucially, the radios had to be linked with the Medway campus in such a way that at certain times, radios could be relocated to the Medway campus and used with no need for re-programming.

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Quex Park

For many years the farm and its dedicated staff have been without a communication system and more recently have been relying on their own mobile phones. We planned, demonstrated and implemented a cutting edge digital system, which suited the needs of Quex Park farms perfectly.

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Intercrop Ltd

The crops are subjected to the unpredictable English weather, therefore irrigation and cropping of the salads and herbs are crucial. Creating and providing a communicative environment for the workforce is essential. The workers are separated into various groups with some being tractor- based or vehicle drivers, and with others being manual handling operatives. It is crucial that the office stay in constant communication with all team members

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Broadstairs Folk Week

The Folk Week workforce needed to be able to communicate throughout the town without having to change channel. They required a simple but reliable communication method, which provided ‘blanket’ coverage. Being an annual event, Broadstairs Folk Week opted to hire equipment from Smye-Rumsby rather than purchase. By doing so, the associated costs of owning the equipment such as battery replacements, equipment servicing and Ofcom Licensing are provided by Smye-Rumsby.

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TW Services

We have been serving TW services for more than a decade. Their radio communication system has been streamlined, developed and upgraded. When we first met with TW Services they had been using a country-wide radio network which was failing to meet their needs. An alternative was required to enable fleet operations to work efficiently.

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Dover Partnership Against Crime

Operating a crime partnership requires communications to be secure at all times, and the analogue network was not encrypted. Therefore, DPAC decided to make the switch to digital. Feedback has been that the radios are light and not cumbersome and that clarity has been greatly improved. Coverage has also improved, with less drop-out across the town.

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War & Peace Show

During an event on this scale, it was crucial that marshalls and security teams use high-quality radios. Whether they are giving directions, calling first-aiders, directing traffic to appropriate parking areas, or crowd control, good communication is a priority.

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"Smye Rumsby has time and again proved to be an excellent choice for the provision of our communication requirements. Smye-Rumsby supply hire radios on short term contracts when sites only require radios for a couple of days whilst also providing radio hire for long term projects. The continued support on these products whilst on site, gives the people on the ground peace of mind.

 Servicing and repairs are carried out on the small fleet of radios that the Kier Group own and competitive pricing is given for the purchase of new radios when the fleet needs to be replenished. On occasions, greater distances need to be covered and multiple channels are required on site. Smye-Rumsby offer free site surveys and extensive site trials to ensure that all of the sites requirements are catered for. With the extensive hire fleet Smye-Rumsby operates, they are able to support our business perfectly. What sets Smye-Rumsby apart from the competition is their passion for customer satisfaction and their can do attitude."

Kier Group

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