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The Managing Director of this company is committed to the management of their environmental aspects and seeks to:


  • exceed the requirements of all environmental legislation under which they are obligated
  • in handling fuels and other hazardous materials associated with their productions facilities, to take all essential measures to prevent pollution
  • maintain the continual improvement of its environmental performance through the regular review of its management system.

In seeking to maintain the environmental performance improvement of the organisations we will:


  • review the organisations raw material resources to ensure that, wherever possible recycled materials are employed, the use of non-renewables is minimised and research is directed towards sustainable materials and processes
  • conserve energy wherever possible, seeking to reduce its use of fossil fuels
  • maintain waste-saving protocols to ensure the recovery of recyclable material
  • encorage suppliers and contractors to develop sustainable management practices.


Managing Director: Philip Smye-Rumsby



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Date Reviewed: 28th November 2018

Next Review Date: 28th November 2019