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The Company business areas cover the supply, installation and maintenance of radio communication, marine navigational, audio/visual reproduction equipment, closed circuit television and electronic industrial control equipment. The provision of radio and CCTV hire, general hire, and subscriber based services in radio communications and marine navigation equipment.

All businesses impact on the environment by accepting it has a responsibility to continuously improve , while maintain the environment. The Company provides the necessary resources to implement the requirements of the international standard ISO14001.

The company works closely with its approved suppliers and sub-contractors with a long-term aim of providing product, which can be recycled when no longer fit for purpose. Materials purchased are assessed for environmental effects with regards to suppliers manufacturing processes and were possible, will reworked or reprocessed rather than allocated for disposal. The environmental impact of supplied products are assessed and monitored, as new technologies are introduced, when acceptable they are adopted and controlled by the environmental documentation.

The company has a commitment to meet or exceed legal, regulatory or other requirements, which impact on their business, striving for continuous improvement, while minimising the creation of waste and preventing pollution. Energy use is monitored and kept to the minimum while looking at new ways of implementing efficiencies. The premises and land under the control of the company are maintained to limit any waste being transmitted or received from surrounding areas.

Significant environmental aspects with set objectives are maintained, covering its operations to provide the most effective method of operation eliminating pollution and waste. The Company provides applicable policies and approvals on its web site

The Financial Director has overall responsibility for the company meeting its environment obligations.


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Colin Dymott

(Financial Director)


Policy Reviewed Date: 01/09/2016

FM0014 Issue 2