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 Statement of Policy

Smye-Rumsby aims to be an equal opportunity employer and has a policy for this purpose.

This policy covers all aspects of employment from vacancy advertising, selection recruitment and training to conditions of service and reasons for termination of employment.

To ensure that this policy is operating effectively (and for no other purpose) the company maintains records of employees’ and applicants’ racial origins, gender and disability.

Ongoing monitoring and regular analysis of such records provide the basis for appropriate action to eliminate unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.

The company’s long term aim is that the composition of our workforce should reflect that of the community. Timetabled targets will be set for groups in the community that are identified as being under-represented in the workforce.

Special steps where necessary as permitted by the relevant Acts of Parliament will be taken to help disadvantaged and/or under-represented groups to compete for jobs on a genuine basis of equality.

The managing director is responsible for the effective operation of the company’s equal opportunities policy.

Managing Director: Philip Smye-Rumsby


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Date Reviewed: 6th May 2016

Next Review Date: 06th May 2017