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Quex Park Farm

Quex Park Farm is a unique country park of 250 acres in East Kent. Quex Park farms 1500 acres in house plus a further 1500 acres under contract agreements with other local farmers.

The challenge was to implement the complete design, implementation and installation of a digital radio system to provide full coverage of 3000 acres.

For many years the farm and its dedicated staff have been without a communication system and more recently have been relying on their own mobile phones. Sadly however, mobile phones are reliant on them being answered, charged and within range of mobile phone mast sites. It quickly became clear that a more permanent, reliable and uniform method of communications was required to meet the ever-increasing demands on the farm staff and its management team.

Smye-Rumsby Limited planned, demonstrated and implemented a cutting edge digital system, which suited the needs of Quex Park farms perfectly and the account manager at Smye-Rumsby applied for the Ofcom Business radio license on our behalf and the equipment was programmed and fully tested within their dedicated workshop before the system went out to site.

Greater Efficiency, seamlessly extendable functionality with the expertise and support from a Motorola Authorised Dealer. Six months after installation Quex Park Farms are enjoying the blanket coverage of the vast area of land that they farm with crystal clear communications workers feel far safer when operating large farm equipment on their own in remote locations.

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