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Radio Communications For BFK-Crossrail, Farringdon


Established in 1948, Smye Rumsby offer both sale and hire of radio communication systems to a broad spectrum of sectors, from railways, hospitality, education and heritage projects to oil rigs, ports, security and events. The range of services and the sectors that Smye-Rumsby operates in is very extensive; however no project is too big or too small for the company.

Over the past 67 years, Smye-Rumsby has worked with many leading contractors, including the likes of Skanska, Balfour Beatty, VINCI and Carillion, amongst others. Smye-Rumsby has also worked with numerous high profile clients including BT – providing the company with underground communications.

Within the railway sector, Smye-Rumsby has previously worked with Eurotunnel/TML, providing radio system support and with BFK, on the Crossrail Farringdon project. Working on the Crossrail Farringdon project, Smye-Rumsby supplied BFK with a communication system suitable for underground operations.

Discussing the company’s involvement with the project, Smye-Rumsby Managing Director, Philip Smye-Rumsby Ltd, said:

“We were initially approached by BFK, Crossrail to provide a base station for their operatives who were conducting ground works. The base station allowed anyone working on the project to communicate through one system and this worked very well until the team started moving further down through the tunnels.”

“The further the operatives moved down the tunnels the more they began to lose communication with the base, which meant we needed to come up with a solution which could work around the problems of communicating in depth. “As we manufacture our own low-cost radiating cable, the solution presented itself quite quickly. Crossrail purchased reels of the cabling and this has provided a communication system which works throughout their network of tunnels.”

“Working on projects such as the Crossrail scheme is very important to us. We have a great engineering team, with the ability to deliver very sophisticated work for a range of projects and this project allowed us to demonstrate our skills to overcome any potential problems.”

“At Smye Rumsby Ltd we offer a broad range of radio communications, on projects nationwide.

Whether it is providing something simple such as two-way radios to a site, or something much larger, like linking up two sites which are miles apart; we have the capabilities to suit our customers’ needs.”

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