Compact, licence free digital two-way radio

Hytera PD365LF 02

Digital Hand Portable Radio

Pocket-sized, the Hytera PD365LF handheld digital radio delivers a range of sought after features in a small form factor, ideal for discreet use in retail, hospitality or education environments.


In weight

IP54 Rated

Dust & water protection

Aprox. 12 Hours

Battery life


Attractive and lightweight

Their stylish and compact design and the intuitive operation render the PD355LF and PD365LF vital companions in everyday communication. With a weight of approx. 160g for each model, both can be carried comfortably, and even t easily inside your pocket.

Supports analogue and digital

Both models have been developed in compliance with the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard. Supporting license-free operation according to DMR Tier I, but also operating equally as well with analogue technologies and signals, to ensure a seamless migration from analogue to digital.

32 pre-programmed channels

Thanks to the implemented digital technology, both radios offer 32 pre-programmed channels. Of these channels, 16 are analogue and 16 digital, divided into three zones.

Integrated antenna

The unique integrated antenna design on both models enables excellent signal and availability, without the fuss and bulk of a large antenna.

Small investment - quick start

Not only do the licence-free DMR devices offer numerous fantastic features, but also a quick, uncomplicated start into digital radio life, at a fair price.

Longer battery life

In digital mode, the supplied lithium-ion battery (2000 mAh) provides both mobile radios with an operating time of at least 12 hours, given an operating cycle of 5-5-90 (5% talk/send, 5% receive and 90% standby).

Additional Functions

  • Dual mode: Switching between digital and analogue is possible
  • Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, and broadcast call on digital channels
  • Dust and water protection according to IP54
  • Shock and vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • DMR text messages with up to 64 characters
  • Four programmable keys
  • Charging and programming via Micro-USB interface
  • Scan function for analogue as well as digital channels

Technical Data


Frequency range UHF: 446,0 – 446,2 MHz
Supported operating modes

• DMR Tier I (license-free DMR)

• PMR446 analogue mobile radio

• DMR Tier I in acc. with ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3

 Channel capacity  32
 Zone capacity  16 (in condition as supplied to the customer 3 zones with 32 channels precongured
 Channel spacing  12.5 kHz (analogue, digital)
Battery life (5-5-90 duty cycle, high transmitting power, standard battery)  approx. 12 hours (digital) 
 Standard battery  2000 mAh (lithium-ion battery)
 Transmitting power   0.5 W
 Frequency stability  ± 0.5 ppm
Digital vocoder type AMBE +2™
Operating voltage 3.7 V
Dust and water protection IP54
Shock and vibration resistance MIL-STD-810 C / D / E / F / G
Operating temperature range  - 30 °C to + 60 °C
Storage temperature range  - 40 °C to + 85 °C
Dimensions (H × B × T) 135 × 58 × 24 mm 
Weight approx. 160 g


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