Perfect for covert security operations

Hytera X1E 01

DMR handheld radio

The Hytera X1e handheld radio for covert and concealed applications meets the open ETSI DMR standard, and  is currently the world's smallest DMR radio on the market. It represents the perfect combination of robust versatile functionality and clever design.

Robust & Relaible

Excellent features, even in tough operation conditions.

Integrated antenna

Provides improved comfort and remarkable GPS features.

IP67 Rated

Waterproof & dustproof protection


Elegant design

With its slim design at a depth of only 20 mm, you can store the X1e unnoticed inside jacket pockets and, at just 240g, it is barely heavier than a common smartphone.


The X1e meets all the requirements of the open ETSI DMR standard, as well as MIL810-C/D/E/F/G and an IP67 degree of protection. Thus, this device oers excellent features, even in tough operation conditions.

Excellent voice quality

With the combined application of the narrowband codec and digital technologies, the X1e delivers excellent voice quality, even in loud environments and in peripheral areas of radio coverage. 

Supports Hytera Bluetooth headsets

Wireless audio accessories from Hytera can be connected directly to the X1e. As such, the radio can be carried and operated conveniently without having to route cables through the clothing.

Secure communication

With the X1e, you communicate securely thanks to digital encryption for voice and data using the encryption algorithm ARC4 (40 bit) in accordance with DMRA or with the optional algorithms AES128 and AES256 (128 and 256 bit). 

Improved utilisation of the frequency spectrum

Thanks to the TDMA process, the X1e allows an assignment of the available bandwidth with double channel capacity. This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Upgradeable software

Upgradeable software makes the use of new features possible. By altering the firmware-software, other digital and analogue operating modes can be enabled, without the need for purchasing a new radio device.

Systems radio

Utilise the X1e in a Hytera XPT or Digital Trunking (Tier III) system to benefit from the advanced features across a larger, intelligent network. Chargeable licenses apply.

Technical Data


Frequency range VHF: 136 – 174 MHz UHF: 400 – 470 MHz
Supported operating modes • DMR Tier II in acc. with ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3 • Simulcast • DMR Tier III via chargeable licence in acc. with ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3/4 • XPT Digital Trunking • Analogue, MPT 1327
Channel capacity 1024
Number of zones 3
Channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz (analogue) 12.5 kHz (digital)
Operating voltage 7.4 V (nominal)
Standard battery 1400 mAh (lithium-ion battery)
Battery life (digital, with lithium-ion batteries) (5-5-90 duty cycle, high transmitting power)  approx. 10 h (with 1100 mAh battery) approx. 12 h (with 1400 mAh battery) approx. 15 h (with 1800 mAh battery)
Frequency stability ± 1.5 ppm
Antenna impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions (H × W × D) (with battery, without antenna) 119.5 × 57 × 18 mm (1100 mAh battery) 119.5 × 57 × 20 mm (1400 mAh battery) 119.5 × 57 × 23 mm (1800 mAh battery)
Weight (with antenna and battery)   approx. 220 g (with 1100 mAh battery) approx. 240 g (with 1400 mAh battery) approx. 260 g (with 1800 mAh battery)


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