Ideally suited for use in facility management, catering and hospitality, production and manufacturing, retail, education and construction.

Hytera TC446S 01

PMR446 hand-held radio

The TC-446S license-free radio combines modern analogue technologies with user-friendly design to boost your productivity.

16 Channel

Channel Capacity


Dust & Water Protection

Battery Life

Up to 24 hours from a single charge


Licence-free two-way radio The TC-446S is a PMR446 radio and can, therefore, be used straight out of the box without the need to acquire a radio license.

Longer battery life and energy-saving functions

With a standard battery, the TC-446S achieves a battery life that can easily outlast a shift, whilst the optional high-capacity battery can last up to 24 hours from a single charge, on a duty cycle of 5-5-90. The programmable energy-saving function activates itself if the two-way radio has not been used for 10 seconds. 

CTCSS / CDCSS signaling

38 different CTCSS and 61 dierent CDCSS sub-audio tones deliver a quick and user-friendly direct call, group call and remote control. Time-out timer The TC-446S features a time-out timer to avoid

Time-out timer

The TC-446S features a time-out timer to avoid an inadvertent continuous operation.


  • Monitor function
  • CTCSS/CDCSS and hum and noise
  • VOX
  • Channel scan
  • Energy saving mode
  • Warning tone for low battery charge state
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Programmable via PC
  • Line-connected "cloning" function for transferring settings to another two-way radio
  • Selectable squelch levels

Technical Data


Frequency range 446.00625 MHz to 446.09375 MHz
Channel capacity 16
Channel spacing 12.5 kHz
Operating voltage 7.4 V
Standard battery 1300 mAh (lithium-ion battery)
Frequency stability ± 2.5 ppm
Operating temperature range - 25 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions (H × W × D) (with standard battery, without antenna) 113 × 54 × 35 mm
Weight (with antenna and standard battery) 270 g
Shock and vibration resistance MIL-STD -810 C/D/E/F
Dust and water protection IP54


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