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 The IP100H IP advanced radio system. Icom’s wireless land-based system offers scalable license-free communication that can use common wi-fi network products as infrastructure

Up to 20 hours

Battery life


Sound quality

Vibrating function

For incoming calls

Icom’s innovative IP advanced radio system provides full hands free duplex two way radio communication for all users when an optional headset is used.

The IP/WLAN system from Icom offers a scalable license-free communication system using standard wireless networking products infrastructure, which in most cases may already be in place. Secure encrypted communication is provided by the WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2 wireless security protocols that encrypts calls.

Other key features include seamless roaming for users, whereby if two or more wireless action points are deployed over an IP network, the IP100H handset/radio uses the nearest access point and can roam between the available access points.


  • Hands free full duplex comms (with optional headset)
  • All Call / Group Call / Individual Call and Access point Call
  • No licence fee
  • No call charge
  • Lightweight, Compact and Robust
  • Vibration alert function
  • Status & Short Message data
  • 20 or 100 user systems available (system extension compatible).
  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • Internal or External antenna
  • Waterproof and Dust-proof (IP67)
  • Customisable Dispatcher software
  • Location monitoring with access point assignment
  • Access point communications
  • Remote monitor / Stun / Revive
  • 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz operating
  • Easy set-up and install
  • Easily increase coverage by your IP network
  • Over the air programming
  • High security encryption
  • SIP Telephone Interconnect (with VE-PG3).
  • Interconnect with Icom NXDN Digital (with VE-PG3) Icom UK Analogue Interface
  • Link sites via the IP Network (with VE-PG3)
  • Ideal for Marine, Mines, Supermarkets, Warehousing, Hospitals, Security, Hotel and Leisure

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