National and international coverage at reasonable prices

iPTT was created in 2016 to fill the gap in the Radio Communications market, wide area comms. iPTT is manufactured to be both highly functional and highly affordable technology.

Bringing competitively priced high-quality PTT Over Cellular (POC) devices and solutions to the UK market.

Our Technology

  • iPTT allows you to communicate securely, worldwide.
  • Our network is digital and secure, it cannot be scanned or listened in to giving you confidence that all calls cannot be intercepted.
  • Our PC dispatcher software gives you the ability to record calls, create dynamic talk groups, stun / un-stun terminals and track users via GPS.
  • Historic GPS data can be replayed on a map to prove a user's previous location.
  • Terminals available include a display, non-display and fixed mobile. Giving you total flexibility for all situations.
  • All our devices can take our unique 4network auto switching SIM card or your own SIM card, we do not lock devices down.
  • A full range of audio and carrying accessories are also available for our terminals, from ear defenders to carry cases.

iPTT was created to solve the long-range communication problems faced by many businesses and organisations in the UK. People are asking for more and more out of their traditional analogue and digital two-way radio systems. 30, 40, even 100mile coverage requests are just too much for the average radio system and company comms budget. This is where iPTT comes in, we can offer you 97% UK population coverage, European & USA coverage (for an extra fee), GPS tracking, voice dispatch and call recording. Our system uses the toughest, durable and advanced terminals available, meaning your investment is a good one. We also charge per year for our service, no horrible admin heavy monthly bills. Our data system roams seamlessly across 4 networks, O2, Three, EE and Vodafone (at no extra cost to you).

Professional approach 

The iPTT service is amazing, it brings so much to the table in terms of functionality and affordability. We want our terminals to be the same, so they complement each other. All terminals are tested to the correct ETSI standards and are put through their paces by our own engineers, in the UK, to make sure we only sell the best most reliable devices.

We cover every use

From fixed office use, to roaming guard to vehicle mounted. We have a terminal that will do it. All handheld terminals come with high-capacity lithium-Ion battery packs as standard. Every terminal we sell have GPS as standard. Basically, there are no costly extras or add-ons you need to buy to get the full iPTT functionality from the word go.

IPTT Radios3


The CP-300 is a robust, simple to use terminal that offers the standard user the ability to make group and individual calls using the built-in voice annunciation function and side keys. The CP-300 is a tough everyday terminal that can take some serious stick.


The first mobile POC terminal to hit the UK. Our CM-300 can be used in a vehicle or fixed on an office desk. It allows the user to change groups and make individual calls using the 5 keys and its LCD display. The CM-300 has a small GSM / WCDMA antenna so no holes need to be drilled for mounting an antenna like you would with a PMR mobile device.


The CP-320 gives you the control to manage multiple groups, users and terminals on the go. Most commonly used by managers the CP-320 is feature rich with the option to enable regular telephone calls to be made from its keypad.



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