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Any organisation or team in the present day relies on effective and secure group communication channels as an essential part of daily operations. Push-to-talk over cellular (PTOC) is the perfect modern-day communication solution for companies operating over a wide area, and due to recent advancements in mobile, wireless and cloud-based network technologies, the time is now right to bring this product to the market. 

This is a cost-effective communication system which delivers exceptional performance. We are very excited about this product and can’t wait to help companies to maximise their communication potential. 

Why Push-to-Talk? 

PTOC enables instant, reliable and effective communication. It can benefit organisations of any size – from a small haulage company in a rural area to a large, multinational corporation which needs flawless supply chain across the board. Regardless of their location, the network they’re on and the device they use, PTOC makes every individual part of the conversation for truly enterprise-wide communication.

Why Now...? 

Today, PTT is more important than ever, as organisations expect to be constantly connected in a mobile world. The capacity and coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G is increasing every year, and companies are increasingly able to optimize their group communications using high-speed broadband networks. 

Benefits of PTOC 

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Connectivity and applications are at the heart of modern communications. Live instant communication is what people demand; not just voice services, but real-time user information, content management and workflow systems are all available





How it Works 

PTOC is an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) PTT standard service, delivered over mobile telephone and Wi-Fi networks. The service utilises the data bearer and requires a data enabled SIM Card or Wi-Fi connection to work. The SYMPOC service provides two-way radio communication in wide-area setups without the need for additional infrastructure. 

 Tools & Usability 




 TalkGroups & Messages: 

Create private channels and groups for communication without barriers - these are called ‘TalkGroups’. 

Increase team’s situational awareness by sending messages with images, video and audio clips. 

Create incident groups so response teams can quickly and easily share content. 


Highly Scalable TalkGroups: 

• Add thousands of users to TalkGroups. 

Using the in-app contact list, make calls to either a whole group or just select contacts. 

Create ad-hoc user groups. 

Provision priority levels across TalkGroups (e.g. a broadcast TalkGroup would have higher priority than a regular TalkGroup).


 Flexible Call Types: 

• Group calls 

• Personal group calls 

• Ad-hoc group calls 

• Private calls 

• "Polite" private calls 

• Broadcast calls  


Mapping with Real-Time Awareness: 

At a glance, know the location of your team, whether they are carrying a radio or a smartphone. 

Reduce map clutter and distraction by selecting layers of data to see different work teams or resources. 

Message, PTT or call individuals or groups based on their location. 

Instantly create geo-fenced groups for PTT and messaging. 

• Personalise maps with your own specific data. 

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