Two-Way Radio Hire

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Two-Way radio hire

There are many advantages to hiring a two-way radio system. Whether it’s a seasonal or one-off event or a long-term project, Smye-Rumsby can help to ensure your communication needs are met.

Expertise and quality hire equipment

From record-breaking, water-speed record attempts to large scale music festivals, Smye-Rumsby has been delivering high-class radio hire solutions since 1948.
We can cater for short-term or long-term hire, regardless of the size of your event. Our comprehensive site survey is free of charge and ensures that communication during the event is solid, reliable and resilient.

Reliable support for your event

Time is if the essence, that’s why we ensure that for the duration of your hire agreement, our technical team of skilled engineers are available for full back-up and support and fast repairs or replacements.

Additional equipment

In addition to our large fleet of analogue and digital radio units, we also have at our disposal, 2 military specification pump-up masts, analogue and digital repeaters, and a wide area repeater network in the Kent area to cater for large scale events, staged over multiple locations.