Smye-Rumsby are renowned for the supply of two-way radios from analogue to digital – to every type of business
across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Smye-Rumsby also supply equipment and accessories for all major manufacturers.

We provide for licensed and license-free requirements, therefore we can cater for the smallest to the largest of sites however we also specialise in digital migration.

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With alternative and emerging technologies such as cellular, push-to-talk-over cellular, and voice-over IP (WLAN), is there any reason for enterprises to stick with two-way radio at all? While there’s no single answer to this question for every organisation, two-way radio offers certain advantages that make it the clear choice for the vast majority of mobile professionals who require an affordable, flexible, highly reliable solution.

License-Free Radios

License-free radios (PMR446) offer two-way communication without the need for an Ofcom License. These radios are often suitable for small to medium size sites. They are easy to operate and offer good sound quality and reception up to a range of 1 mile.

Licensed Radios

Licensed radios are suitable for sites that don’t require the additional features offered by digital radios. This reliable form of communication offers 8 x more power than a license-free radio and you can achieve up to 2.5 miles of coverage. Extending your coverage further can be achieved by installing a repeater. 

Smye-Rumsby are happy to arrange the licensing with Ofcom on your behalf or you can apply for your Ofcom License via our website. 

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Digital Radios

More and more companies are now considering digital migration. These enhanced performance radios offer a multitude of state-of-the-art features, ie greater calling capacity, better voice clarity, extended coverage, enhanced battery life, and the availability of sophisticated software applications. As an example, you can configure an alarm to monitor and protect lone workers who can be vulnerable. You can also use ‘Man Down’ and ‘GPS’ technology to enable controllers to locate workers in an emergency.The staff at Smye-Rumsby would be happy to arrange a free site survey to test your site for ‘black spots’, demonstrate the latest technology and discuss the radios that would be most suitable for your specific requirements.


Many handheld two-way radios have a vehicle and desk-top equivalent. Smye-Rumsby can install these mobile radios along with an antenna and handheld or desktop microphone.This will allow managers/controllers to communicate effectively and efficiently with vehicle/portable radio users.


Low total cost of ownership

Two-way radio requires a small up-front investment, with no recurring monthly fees. a two-way radio solution can typically pay for itself in less than 18 months compared with cellular or public carrier solutions that require recurring monthly fees.

Customisable coverage and features

Two-way radio was developed and has continued to evolve to meet the specific needs of group-oriented communications and dispatch environments. The ability to tailor a two-way solution to meet the needs of businesses with quick, reliable one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communications remains unequaled. Carrier-based solutions don’t provide comparable levels of customisation and performance.

Simple, reliable implementation

On-site and in-the-field solutions often require no infrastructure at all. Users simply turn on their radios and talk directly to each other for miles using rugged devices designed for everyday use in the most demanding environments. For group voice calls, two-way radio will continue to provide simplicity and reliability unmatched by cellular, voice-over IP and other competing technologies.

If you’re one of the tens of millions of professionals who rely on two-way radio today, it will continue to be your technology of choice tomorrow, and if you’re not a two-way radio user today, you owe it to yourself and your company to explore what two-way radio has to offer.

Talk to us about any requirements please call: 0800 975 6444 or click here to arrange a free site survey at a time of your convenience

Philip Smye-Rumsby- Managing Director

What others say

Leigh Stevenson
The experience and expertise of Smye Rumsby and their commitment to meeting our needs ensures we get maximum benefit from our MOTOTRBO radios and the TrboNET software package
Leigh Stevenson University of Kent at Canterbury
City Lifting depend on an effective radio communication system. We are able to do this easily using the services of Smye-Rumsby
City Lifting
Dan Blewitt
Smye Rumsby provided an excellent service right from the first consultation. They listened to our needs and the needs of our business and designed a system to meet those requirements and budget
Dan Blewitt SouthGate Shopping Centre
James Dunn
Smye Rumsby have been great in helping us to provide robust communications and tracking of our search and rescue teams in Kent and the system has helped save lives
James Dunn Kent Search & Rescue