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SMC Gateway – Talks To Firm Alarm Systems

If your company uses digital two-way radios, imagine the value it could bring to your business if you could get these to communicate with your fire alarm or telephone systems or maybe had the ability to GPS track your radio terminals.

Well, now you can using the Smye-Rumsby SMC Gateway!

Some examples:

What if you connected your digital radios to a fire alarm interface that receives alarms, faults and other data from an alarm panel to our Gateway and set this up so it sends radio friendly messages to digital radios and mobile phones so that the relevant team members are aware and can respond appropriately.

How about connecting your digital radios to your telephone system via any available connection (GSM / VoIP / VSAT) to create an extensive connected network of voice communications. This can provide open-touch emergency handling and GPS location tracking.

What if you could in a web browser track and control all your mobile, portable and fixed digital terminals with no need for any hardware or software installations. This is another function the SMC Gateway can bring to your business.

Maximise Your Investment In Your Digital Radio Network With SMC Gateway To Connect Individual Or Multiple Systems Together

There is no need to install servers, computers or expensive software as you simply use the SMC Gateway, which is a great little appliance that connects your radios technology to other third party systems.

Together with our Application Builder software, you have a powerful drag and drop interface allows you to setup and configure how your radios work with these systems.

Do not be disheartened if you are have analogue radios as we can help you you migrate quickly and easily to a digital network so you can access all advantages and benefits of digital radio integration to your key systems.

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