New Hytera Multisite dispatcher coming soon!

XPT Hyway2 77x300Hytera have announced the launch of their multisite/version 2 XPT digital trunking solution. Linked over IP and covering up to 4 sites, XPT multisite enhances Hytera’s current DMR trunking portfolio which already features 2-slot pseudo trunking, single-site XPT and DMR Tier III.

This new version of XPT will also allow for telephone interconnect and linking Hytera’s new dispatch, SmartXPT directly into XPT rather than going via gateway mobiles. SmartXPT dispatcher, the newest dispatcher in Hytera’s range is based on Hytera’s feature-rich SmartOne dispatcher. It will integrate with both Hytera DMR Tier II solutions (conventional) as well as XPT, though XPT integration is limited to a single-site dispatch at this stage. Customers with Hytera’s Smart Dispatch will be offered an upgrade path to SmartXPT for the future.

More information to follow.