Two-way radios 'V' mobile phones

Smye-Rumsby Limited has been working in the two-way radio communication industry since 1948. In our experience basing critical communications on a GSM (mobile phone) network is nothing short of dangerous and here is why.

  • Mobile phones encounter ‘blackspots’
  • Mobile phones often stop working when you need them most.
  • In the event of a terrorist incident it is very common for the police to cut off mobile phone signals as these can be used to activate devises. Result, no communications for staff, when it is needed most.
  • Phones have to be answered, and numbers have to be dialled or phonebooks need to be scrolled through.


The point is that two-way radio can provide everything that phones can in terms of communication requirements and more. The infrastructure is owned by customer and cannot be turned off by other emergency services and will be designed specifically to the company’s requirement, to ensure it is resilient, reliable and dependable.

Mobile phones versus two-way radio
Feature Description Phone Radio
Individual calling/Private calling One-to-One communication   ✔   ✔
Group calling One-to-many or many-to-many communication     ✔
Text messaging SMS messaging to one or many   ✔   ✔
Contacting fixed line/mobile telephony Calling another land line or mobile   ✔   ✔
Loan worker Automatically alerting that a colleague or their own or in a vulnerable situation needs assistance     ✔
Man Down Tilt-switch built into the device to the unit know when the user is no longer standing upright and could possibly be hurt or requiring assistance     ✔
Ability to link into fire alarms and intruder alarms All fire alert messages are sent directly to the user/users that need to know the information automatically.     ✔
A fully owned and managed system that is unaffected in the event of a serious incident Stand-alone system designed specifically for its purpose.     ✔
Event Recording and GPS tracking Software that allows and records all voice transmissions, text messages, job tickets, GPS positioning, indoor location tracking and can then report on all of these, making a very simple and easy full audit trail.     ✔


If your site team are using mobile phones, please consider the many benefits of switching to two-way radio communication!