Bolton School, Lancashire

Bolton School is an independent day school in Bolton, Greater Manchester. It comprises of a co-educational nursery and infant school (Beech House) and single-sex junior (ages 7–11) and senior schools (with sixth forms). With almost 2,400 pupils it is one of the largest independent day schools in the country.


The complete replacement of all existing analogue equipment, minimal downtime with easy transition for staff.

The school had been using analogue two way radios for many years and radio communications has proved invaluable in the day-to-day running of the school.

Bolton school wanted to increase their coverage area, improve communication black spots but crucially the staff had to be able to pick up the radios and start using them almost immediately so as to cause as little disruption to the running of the school as possible. Procurement officers were also acutely aware of the need to introduce a system that could adapt and be built upon in the future to meet the ever changing needs of their business. Site surveys, equipment demonstrations and site coverage checks were all carried out with senior site staff in attendance to ensure that the needs of the business were met.

The site staff stipulated that there was a very limited window of time that the radios could be down for, whilst the replacement of the old equipment was carried out. Also the radios needed to be programmed so that they were very easy to use therefore ensuring that the users would need very little time to adjust to the new system.


Optimised coverage, voice clarity, ambient noise reduction and advanced functionalities using Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital radios. Smye Rumsby Limited planned demonstrated and implementeda cutting edge digital system which suited the needs of Bolton School perfectly. Before attending site the system was programmed, built and fully tested in our on site workshop before the system went out to site. The Motorola DR3000 Digital repeater was programmed in mixed mode to enable it to recognise both analogue and digital transmissions. This meant that once on site the engineer only had to literally swap the repeaters over which took a matter of minutes.

Motorola’s Digital TDMA technology provides two channels from just one repeater this means that the site is now able to split user groups over two channels therefore doubling the system’s capability and vastly reducing call failure rates. Using this technology we were also able to provide Bolton School with a priority emergency call. In the event that an emergency situation occurs it cuts off any transmissions that are currently in progress and gives priority to the emergency caller.

Greater Efficiency, seamlessly extendable functionality with the expertise and support from a Motorola Authorised Dealer.2 months after installation Bolton School continues to enjoy increased usabil ity and significant efficiency improvments through clearer communications. Regular follow up phone calls and on site meetings will keep Bolton School up to date on new innovations to the MOTOTRBO platform. Already discussions have taken place to add extras to the system in order to, again, tailor its functions to the schools needs. As discuss, all the way through, this system is designed to be adaptable, so that it can be built upon in the future.

Bolton School purchased their equipment outright although various options were discussed such as lease purchase over a 2 or 3 year term as was the option to hire the equipment for a short term or long term period. Bolton School have also been advised that should they require any additional radios to meet increased demand during peak periods or during large scale events, these can be preparedand despatched with 24hrs notice. In the unlikely event of a radio developing a fault, it can be replaced the same day and the faulty radio can usually be repaired in house at our on site workshop

Flexible, cost effective and expandable, an effective solution to challenges in one of the UK’s leading educational establishments.


Bolton School has upgraded its two way radio system to MOTOTRBO digital radios to benefit for the increased coverage area, its noise cancelling functionalities and its ability to grow and adapt to the needs of the business. We have already been speaking to Bolton School regarding the ability to integrate the MOTOTRBO digital radios with an application based management system in order to optimise asset management and record all radio transmissions. Bolton School together with Smye Rumsby have designed a full digital system which not only increases its usability currently but future proofs Bolton School’s investment for the long term.

Smye Rumsby worked hard to exceed our expectations

"From the first meeting all the way through to commissioning, Smye Rumsby worked hard to exceed our expectations. Notably the planning, spreadsheet and user guides have been invaluable to our teams on site. Our radios work brilliantly and black spots around site have been eliminated. The whole team have shown nothing but enthusiasm towards the new radios and the added functions they now have available to them. Our Experience working with Smye Rumsby Limited has been excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend Smye Rumsby to anyone looking to upgrade their radio communication system.

David Dunn, Head of Estates Bolton School"

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