Kent Search And Rescue

Finding vulnerable missing persons

Kent Search & Rescue along with NSARDA Kent, are charitable organisations dedicated to assisting the emergency services in the search for missing persons in Kent. At a local level Kent Search and Rescue have established excellent liaison links with the Kent Police Authority, Kent Ambulance Service, Kent Fire Service and HM Coastguard, and are now registered with the Kent Voluntary Sector Emergency Group (KVSEG) . Their members are spread across Kent, giving the broadest level of cover across the county, although they are always looking to recruit more volunteers as Kent is a large county and local knowledge can be extremely helpful for a successful search.They have approximately 100 Members at this time, all of which are trained in search techniques, radio communications and first aid. Further training is provided to allow members to participate in specialist teams including Search Dogs, Mountain Bike, Boat, Bank Search and Flood Rescue Teams. The majority of these members are continuously operational and regularly respond to call-outs any time of day or night in any weather to search for and rescue missing persons to a place of safety.

The Challenge

The Challenge for KSAR was to gain better coverage and gain security. They wanted the ability to have region-wide access. In doing so, this would enable greater efficiency and better use of resources. Combined with the need to actively

track their assets on the ground, to help with better planning, and increase the safety of their members at all times. Any new system would also need to be backward compatible with existing (Legacy Analogue) local and national infrastructure. They embarked on a search for a new communications partner to help them achieve their needs and ambitions. Smye-Rumsby delivered exactly what was required, and is now looking further to strengthening communications.

The Radios

The fully-featured Motorola DP4800 portable radios, deliver unrivaled voice and data communications with optional integrated GPS, plus Bluetooth audio and data, text messaging full-colour display with day/night mode to make reading text messages easier. The best-in-class audio also includes an Intelligent Audio and customisable voice announcement feature.

The Solution

Smye-Rumsby implemented a county wide VHF Motorola Mototrbo network (Link Capacity Plus) to enable secure communication across the region. Currently, the 4 repeater sites offer 80% coverage, and working together with KSAR Smye-Rumsby will be increasing coverage in the future. With the cutting edge digital technology that Motorola offers, KSAR are assured that all the communications, voice and data, are encrypted, offering the required security given the sensitive nature of some of their deployments.

The Benefits

KSAR are now enjoying access to the new network and radios which are proving many benefits to the team in helping to locate vulnerable missing people in kent. One of the key benefits is the ability to remotely manage a deployment, allowing search management staff to interact remotely with teams on the ground. This was an essential part of the requirement as the effectiveness of the response is heavily reliant on the technology that is used. Some of the other benefits that KSAR now enjoy are:

  • 4 Discrete, secure channels
  • Wide area coverage
  • GPS tracking of all search assets
  • Rugged and robust radio equipment
  • Integration into wide-area networks
  • Better voice quality
  • Radio-to-radio private calls

Smye-Rumsby have been an invaluable partner and have offered an amazing degree of support and flexibility in the delivery of our needs.

"Smye-Rumsby have been an invaluable partner and have offered an amazing degree of support and flexibility in the delivery of our needs. Both the sales and technical back-up has been superb! Any company that requires a true solution partner should certainly make sure they contact Smye-Rusmby.

James Dunn, Communications Officer Kent Search and Rescue"

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