Kent Search And Rescue [Part 2]

Saving lives in the community

Kent search and Rescue have been using the Motorola Digital radio network (supplied by Smye-Rumsby) to carry LRNet traffic across Kent for over 12 months, utilising its secure Digital infrastructure to communicate live search and rescue operations and supporting other blue light agencies in Kent.

Expanding the Network

The Challenge for KSAR was to gain better coverage and gain security. They wanted the ability to have region-wide access. In doing so, this would enable greater efficiency and better use of resources. Combined with the need to actively track their assets on the ground, to help with better planning and increase the safety of their members at all times.

“Working closely with Smye-Rumsby, KSAR are working at expanding the network in very significant ways. We are developing several new repeater sites to increase the coverage in areas where we have identified poor hand-held coverage, and linking them to the existing infrastructure using microwave backhaul. The most exciting enhancement that we are undertaking is to deploy a mobile network repeater that will become part of the larger radio network on demand. This will allow us to enhance coverage exactly where we need it, but also maintaining the long-range nature of our communication back to our operations room in Maidstone, Kent.

This will greatly improve our flexibility and the handheld radio coverage in parts of the more challenging topography of Kent. This, combined with the extra repeater site, gives us the best coverage that we could ever hope for from the system.

Thank You ASDA

During this upgrade of the radio network infrastructure, we were very thankful to receive a funding grant from ASDA which has allowed us to purchase more radios. This has helped towards having every one of our team leaders and management staff to be issued with their own personal digital radio, so they can be effective the moment they arrive on scene and in communication with the rest of the team.

All of these enhancements to our communications ability are now starting to make a real difference to how quickly and efficiently we can deploy our resources to search vulnerable missing people at a time where every second counts. We are really starting to see the benefits of this new system.

Smye-Rumby has provided an outstanding system design alongside technical expertise in building this enhanced solution. They continue to be a key partner in the delivery of search and rescue services in Kent.

James Dunn Communications Officer, Kent Search & Rescue

Award-Winning Technology

Smye-Rumsby has worked with many organisations throughout the country, helping them to migrate their communication systems from analogue to digital. Now, it’s far more than just two-way radio communication.

With Innovations flooding the industry, we are finding that more and more of our customers are taking advantage of the additional features and functionalities that seamlessly connect into their two way radio systems.

Staff are benefiting from fire alarm and intruder alarm integration, with additional features such as linking access control into their radios and much more. Smye-Rumsby can even design bespoke software packages such as regular weather updates from the internet sent out as text messages which are then sent out to radios. The possibilities are endless!

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