Victoria Shopping Centre, Southend

Body worn video cameras are fast becoming the ‘Must have’ safety/security equipment for use across m

Body worn video cameras are fast becoming the ‘Must have’ safety/security equipment for use across many sectors. Southend-on-sea, with a population of 175,000 is the home of the Victoria Shopping Centre, which is located at the heart of the retail district.

Offering a wide range of major brands, the Savills managed Victoria shopping centre attracts 110,000 visitors per week.

As with other towns or cities, mischievous youngsters and antisocial members of the community exist in the minority, but Southend-on-Sea and the Victoria shopping centre have adopted a no-nonsense attitude.

The Security team of the Victoria Shopping Centre patrol 24 hrs per day to ensure the safety and security of visitors and staff, which guarantees a safe and welcoming environment for all concerned.

Smye-Rumsby made contact with the Victoria Shopping centre to discuss the potential requirement for body worn cameras for the security team.

Chris Brown, Account Manager for Smye-Rumsby met with Stuart Wilkie (Head of security) to discuss the benefits of the B-Cam units and the bespoke software that has been designed to make life easy for sharing information with the police.The security team at the Victoria shopping centre saw the value in these immediately. It became obvious that just by wearing these units they could act as a visible deterrent.

A short-term hire was implemented to allow a business case to be built, and to prove the unit’s effectiveness. Needless to say, the trial was a resounding success and shortly after the hire units were returned, and the order was submitted to Smye-Rumsby.

B-Cam Body Worn Camera’s are supplied with a li-ion battery, charging cable and vest. They can be supplied with single uploading docks for easy footage transfer, and a variety of clothing attachment options.

The cameras record in full High Definition and are able to capture still images of the same quality even when the camera is recording. These cameras have low light sensors built in, which enables them to automatically switch between standard and night vision mode without intervention of the operator.

This provides uninterrupted audio and visual capture when moving from one environment to another. Once the patrol route has been covered, the footage can then be downloaded.

The easiest way to carry this out is by using the optional B-cam docking station (sold separately). This unit simply connects to an Ethernet port, and the footage is sent to the B-Cam server.

Due to the way in which the data is stored (off site and on a secure server), any footage captured by the units is fully admissible in court. The organisation or person responsible for reviewing footage is then able to access this through the B-Cam Web log-on page.

The B-Cam software stores entries for 30 days unless the footage is marked as evidential. After 30 days the footage is removed, freeing space within the clients’ allocated storage. The software colour-codes the footage based on how close it is to deletion. Each file (piece of footage) can be set up is an individual record, allowing crime reports and whitness statements to be attached to the video file.

With all of the information in one place, the software enables the client to send a link to the local police force, allowing them to view the footage and any other information attached to the file. This can remove the need for the officers to visit the site.

These body worn cameras have proven invaluable

"These body worn cameras have proven invaluable in the short time that we have been using them. The cameras not only provide proof of scheduled patrols, they offer a visual deterrent against any antisocial behavior. They are an essential ‘extra pair of eyes’ and provide undisputable evidence of behaviour and conduct directed towards my security team in potentially volatile situations.

Stuart Wilkie (Head of Security)"

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