Community communication at its best.

Case Study

Dover Partnership Against Crime [DPAC]

The Dover Partnership Against Crime (DPAC) was set up over 20 years ago to prevent theft across Dover, Deal, Sandwich, and the surrounding areas. With more than 120 members including retailers, pubs, transport operators and schools, DPAC is one of the most successful business crime partnerships in the country.

The DPAC members were using an analogue network of two-way radios, but DPAC realised that there were multiple issues that were preventing the system from being used to its optimum level. Firstly, there were some concerns over coverage and clarity. The analogue network did not guarantee consistent coverage, and communications were not always clear. However, the primary issue was security. Operating a crime partnership requires communications to be secure at all times, and the analogue network was not encrypted. Therefore, DPAC decided to make the switch to digital.

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