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Two Notable Successes

Central Bolton Partnership has recorded two notable successes, both involving their CCTV control room and the radio link working closely with members and police to resolve two different, but equally difficult situations, which could have led to more serious outcomes had there not been good partnership communication..

The CCTV control room passed observations over the CBP radio link for two high risk missing 13 year old girls. Police were looking for them in the town centre and were very concerned about them due to their age and vulnerability. A short time later a member of the partnership located the girls in their shopping centre and circulated details via the radio link to CCTV. CCTV then liaised with police over the radio and guided them to the girls’ location. Police then engaged with the two girls and delivered them safely home to their parents who were extremely relieved and grateful to have the girls back. There could have been a very different result if these vulnerable girls had not been found so quickly.

In the second case, Market Place security officers had detained a male in their mall area who was responsible for a theft earlier in the week. When detained he became violent and started to drag two security team members down the escalator in an attempt to escape. One of the security guards pressed the emergency button on the partnership radio which alerted members to their predicament. CCTV responded and immediately contacted police on the radio who attended quickly and when the male was detained he was found to be in possession of blades and detagging equipment. The offender is well known locally for shop theft and violence. Without the radio and CCTV link, which enabled the swift attendance of police, the incident could have become more serious.

Christine Wisla, Community Safety Officer for Central Bolton Partnership said, “Both of these incidents demonstrate the breadth of support the partnership offers in providing a protective umbrella for the town centre and its retailers, their staff and the public. They are excellent examples of how our members work together as a team to produce positive outcomes for our community. If it had not been for the swift actions of our members using the radio to contact our CCTV control room, it could have been a very different outcome for the vulnerable girls and their families. The effective use of the radio alarm also prevented the situation with the two security guards from escalating and someone, including members of the public in the crowded Market Place, being injured.”NABCP-JPEG


5th August 2016-Article by NABC (National Association of Business Crime Partnerships)

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