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We provide licensed and license-free two way radios to organisations across the UK.

Working with leading manufacturers from around the world, we are specialists in providing two way radios and ongoing technical support and radio repairs. Our engineers are passionate about two-way radio communications and can build bespoke systems to suit your business.

Established in 1948, we are one of the oldest two way radio suppliers in the UK. Our business started as a radio repair shop just after the Second World War before developing into what we are today. With over 70 years of experience in radio communications, know you're in safe hands.

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How Do I Know If A Two-Way Radio Is Right For Me?

Good question! Two-way radios are a method of communication a over distance and allow you to connect instantly with members of staff.

No need to worry about the time it takes to find the right phone number, simply press to talk.

Two-way radios are more durable and offer better practicality, especially on site work. Two way radios are portable and water-resistant - so you can communicate with your team come rain or shine.

Offering better coverage, each two-way radio system is built to the needs of your business. If you're looking for instant communication over distance between your team, a two way radio is the correct solution for you.

We supply two way radios for hire and for purchase, allowing you to make a decision based on your business requirements.

Brands We Work With

Sophisticated Solutions For Your Two-Way Communication

Two-way radios can be programmed with useful features that allow your business to operate smoothly. There are many options available. If you're looking for something that's not listed below, get in touch with our team as we can create bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.

Fire Alarm Integration

Improve staff and public safety by linking building fire alarms to your radio system.  As an alarm is sounded, text messages can be sent to relevant radios with the location of the incident - saving precious time by avoiding visits to the fire panel.

Live GPS Tracking

Manage your fleet by tracking personnel and vehicles with two-way radios. Radios can be configured to send alerts with co-ordinates at regular intervals or during emergency situations to ensure safety of your staff. We can also provide a bespoke system to view the location of your radios on a map. 

Lone Worker

When staff are working in hazardous environments, man down gives you peace of mind.  Radios can sound an alarm when it senses a vertical tilt or lack of movement for a preset time. Should the worker not respond, radios can be programmed to alert members of staff at dispatch. 

Panic Button

With threats of violence rising against workers, it's important that your staff can quickly call for aid. Many radios have an easy to access panic button which automatically send a notification to the team responsible for staff security. You can even send texts or emails. 

Group Calling

Initiate calls with many users to broadcast vital business communications or emergency situations, saving precious time in an incident. These calls automatically override single communications to ensure important information is heard loud and clear.

Intercom Connect

Free up staff by connecting your intercom system to your radios, allowing staff to receive visitors to the building without being at their station. 

Organisations We Work With


We provide two way radios for a variety of organisations across the UK. From construction to security, oil rigs to marine - if you need to communicate over a distance we've got you covered.

Our team of radio technicians build bespoke systems to enable teams to communicate seamlessly. Whether you're outdoors, indoors or at sea, we can build a system that works for you. 

We also have a fully equipped in-house workshop in Dover, Kent, to carry out manufacturer-approved repairs and set up your radios. 

All of our two way radios come with a 12-month or 24-month warranty (depending on the manufacturer).

If you're unsure where to start with radio communication, or if you need some advice, get in touch with our team on 01304 248 900 and we will be happy to assist. 

Site Survey For Radio Communications

We conduct site surveys to advise on the best two way radio system for your organisation. Our mission is to get you the most cost effective solution without compromising on quality. Whether you're looking for two-way radio hire or purchase, we've got you covered.
A site survey is crucial from an operational point of view and allows us to carefully assess factors such as site size, layout, terrain, staff type, black spots (areas with little or zero coverage), construction methods, the need for control software and many aspects that could potentially affect the performance of the radio system.
You may be just getting started with your radio communications, or you may even know what you're looking for. Our experienced Account Managers can perform a complete site survey and determine the most cost-effective solution so that you achieve the optimum level of coverage and a fully functioning communication system.
All of this allows us to put forward a safe reliable and effective radio communication solution that works for you.
Call us on 01304 248 900 to speak to one of our account managers or use the contact form below

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Choosing a two-way radio for your business doesn't have to be difficult. Our team are experienced working in a variety of industries and will help find the most suitable solution.

Get in touch with an overview of your requirements below and our team will be in touch.

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