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University Of Kent Case Study

The Challenge

Complete Multi-site Communication Coverage for Integrated, efficient, round-the-clock operations. Analogue two way radio had been used by the university for 10 years and has proved invaluable to the smooth day to day running of the university and its facilities. Security teams, cleaners, car parking attendants, control centre managers and staff from the university’s estates team relied on the radios to coordinate their operations and maximise security of premises, students and staff.

The University of Kent wanted to upgrade their current system to a MOTOTRBO digital system to eliminate communication dead spots and to improve audio clarity in outlying parts of the campus. Crucially, the radios had to be linked with the Medway campus in such a way that at certain times, radios could be relocated to the Medway campus and used with no need for re-programming.

Procurement officers were very keen to include an application based system to Monitor and maximise staff safety and productivity. With this in mind, Smye Rumsby demonstrated TrboNET which was deemed to be perfect for their application. Due to the flexibility of TrboNET’s task orientated functionality, it seamlessly extends a MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to customise it to the specific needs of each client.

The University of Kent were keen to use TrboNET to streamline and coordinate their assets using the built in GPS functionalities as well as their emergency alarm handling and lone worker management. Assigning radios at the start of each user’s shift would be simplified by TrboNET’s asset management feature, whilst automatic recording of all voice transmissions and GPS positions could help resolve incidents faster.

The Solution

Smye Rumsby installed a full MOTOTRBO multi-site system pre-integrated with TrboNET and connected the two main campuses at Canterbury and Medway using IP site link. A Motorola DR3000 base station/repeater located as centrally as possible at each of the two sites ensures strong signal coverage across both campuses. 70+ Motorola DP3401 hand portable radios purchased by the University of Kent, enable staff to communicate instantly with all other live radios within there user group.

15+ Motorola DP3601 hand portable radios have been purchased and distributed to team leaders and managers which provides these individuals the option to speak or text on a one-to-one basis. Black spots have been eliminated and all areas now enjoy uninterrupted radio coverage.

Both sites are now managed from the control room at the Canterbury campus and all data is collected in one place. Users were quick to adapt to the new handsets which are smaller and easier to use than the analogue.

TrboNET’s advanced management applications have increased productivity and efficiency of staff at the control room and radio users. Each radio is now assigned and de-assigned to the user using TrboNET’s asset management feature, which has increased user accountability and reduced losses. Control room teams use TrboNET’s text messaging feature to send short custom or preset messages to senior staff.

If any user hits the emergency button on their radio, a screen alerts them and the site map stored within TrboNET pin points the user to enable the controller to see instantly who needs assistance, so that help can be despatched immediately based on other radio user’s geographical location.

TrboNET also coordinates the management of lone workers. Alert intervals can be set and reset for each user by controllers according to the nature and location, the work being carried out and the time of day. If workers fail to acknowledge the alert to confirm that they are not in trouble TrboNET shows a flashing message and an alarm sounds which prompts a call or follow up action from the control room. TrboNET’s remote monitoring feature enables the client to listen in to particular radios allowing recording and monitoring of emergency situations. Recordings are stored on the hard drive of the server in MP3 format and therefore take up very little space. These recordings can be kept for as long as required and due to date and time stamping can be found quickly and easily for later referral.

The Benefits

Greater Efficiency, Centralised Control and Seamlessly Extendable functionality with expertise and Support from a Motorola authorised dealer. 6 months after installation, the University of Kent continues to enjoy significant efficiency improvements through clearer communications and improved control centre operations.

Regular on-site meetings with Smye Rumsby keep the University of Kent up-to-date on new innovations to the MOTOTRBO platform. The TrboNET applications, which are simple to use and require minimal user training, have enabled the University of Kent to leverage it’s investment in MOTOTRBO, adding more functionality such as indoor tracking to track users whilst inside buildings and therefore unable to gain a GPS lock. This means that there will be a way to further maximise the system in the future.

What Our Client Said About Us

"The experience and expertise of Smye Rumsby and their commitment to meeting our needs ensures we get maximum benefit from our MOTOTRBO radios and the TrboNET software package. Our radios have become far more than a communications tool. During the 6 month period since installation we are still finding areas during the day-to-day management of the site and its facilities that the radios are making a positive impact on. Couple this with the after sales service and support that Smye Rumsby offer, we are nothing but impressed with this systems user friendliness, functionality and Smye Rumsby’s professionalism."

— Leigh Stevenson, University of Kent at Canterbury


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