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War & Peace Show Case Study

After 33 years, this year’s the 2015 War and Peace at Folkestone Racecourse will be the last one ever! Having organised War and Peace for 27 of its 33 years with the help of Barbara Shea, Rex Cadman has decided it’s time to call it a day. “Barbara and I have organised War and Peace for 27-years this year and she is ready to retire, so we decided that as we started this journey together, after much thought we would end it together. “We’re very proud to have grown the show from a small club event with about 100 vehicles, to the world’s largest military show, seeing over 4,000 vehicles and 100,000 people.

A great many other military vehicle shows have War and Peace as their parentage, having grown out of our event.” But War and Peace isn’t just about military vehicles; in 2009 it introduced the annual Schools’ Day – a free event for Kent and Medway school children that grew considerably each year.

Last year 2,500 school children had a taste of wartime Britain – a true testament to the educational value the county places on the War and Peace Schools’ Day. “We’ve had an amazing time, but sadly all good things must come to an end.

The Challenge

During an event on this scale, it was crucial that marshalls and security teams use high-quality radios. Folkestone Racecourse is a large site and the staff running the event are responsible for dealing with thousands of people over a five day period.

Whether they are giving directions, calling first-aiders, directing traffic to appropriate parking areas, or crowd control, good communication is a prioity. The staff also need the ability to communicate efficiently to situations from anywhere on-site, therefore keeping visitors happy and safe throughout the event.

The Radios

From the factory worker making components to the road crew making repairs, MOTOTRBO can transform your enterprise and make employee interactions smarter and safer. The best-in-class audio and unrivaled data capabilities empower people like never before.

The DP4000 Series portable delivers unrivaled voice and data communications with optional integrated GPS plus Bluetooth audio and data plus best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and customisable voice announcement feature. Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the DP4000 Series is easy to use and features up to 32 channel capacity, five programmable buttons, emergency button, IP57 specifications for submersibility and FM intrinsically safe option.

The Solution

Good site coverage is essential therefore 150 Motorola digital radios and 2 repeaters were supplied by Smye-Rumsby Ltd, to ensure maximum coverage between staff at all times. A Smye-Rumsby representative discussed the requirements with the War & Peace team, along with the required service area and the specifications of the equipment.

It was agreed the Motorola digital hand-held radios would be ideal due to their improved audio quality, simplicity and robustness. It was established that a repeater would be needed to boost the radio signal ensuring radio coverage even at the extremities of the workforce’s area. A trial was arranged so that the service area could be thoroughly tested to ensure full coverage to all areas of the deployed staff.

What Our Client Said About Us

"With The War and Peace Revival being the world’s largest military vehicle show, our event site is the size of a small town. In order to embrace the local community we strive to utilise local companies for our supplies and equipment hire. I chose Smye-Rumsby as our preferred supplier because of their friendly professional approach, willingness to listen and knowledge of products which enabled them to suggest a suitable type of equipment. Smye Rumsby even loaned me some equipment to check to see if it was suitable for the geographical layout of our site. With Smye Rumsby being only a few miles away I was assured that should it be needed, additional or replacement equipment could be delivered in no time at all. As on-site communications official for The War and Peace Revival I felt confident knowing Smye-Rumsby was just at the other end of the phone"

— Paul Shea

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