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WAVE PTX – Taking Push-To-Talk Further

Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication is no longer reserved for two-way radios. Communications between groups can now include those who rely on smartphones and PDA’s as well as two-way radios. Brought to you by Motorola Solutions, WAVE PTX is a network independent service that instantly connects your whole team at the push of a button.

Getting the right tool for the job is vital, WAVE PTX allows you to integrate smartphones, tablets and two-way radios into one easy-to-use system. By extending instant communication from radios to those using smartphones and tablets, team members can stay connected wherever they are located.

Communicate Across Europe With WAVE PTX

Combining the coverage of Europe-wide £G/4G networks with the simplicity of two-way radio communications, WAVE PTX automatically switches to the strong network connection Available. This allows seamless and reliable communications as users roam between countries. Working well for logistics or organizations with multiple bases, WAVE PTX allows you to increase your coverage and connections without the need for expensive infrastructure.

By eliminating communication barriers like different devices, WAVE PTX easily connects to your MOTOTRBO™, DIMETRA™ or ASTRO® 25 two-way radio system to allow instant communication between radio and smartphone users.

Smartphone Ready

Turn your smartphone into a Push-To-Talk (PTT) handset with the WAVE PTX Mobile Application. Get instant communication anywhere you have broadband service, keeping critical team members connected even when out of radio coverage. Wave PTX allows you to connect your two-way radio system and smartphone devices, regardless of the network they are using.

The smartphone app comes with fast, secure and reliable PTT communications but also allows you to send messages with text or media, stream video, map your location and more. Each user can select one of two client modes: PTT Radio Mode, which emulates the experience of a traditional two-way radio, or Standard Mode which offers full functionality.

With accessories like headsets, earpieces and remote speaker microphones – WAVE PTX allows users to get the most out of whichever device they are using.

WAVE PTX Dispatch. Anytime. Anywhere.

Wave PTX dispatch system

With a web-based dispatching system, WAVE PTX allows you to dispatch your team from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser. Simplifying your day-to-day communications, the dispatch system allows you to log in from any internet connection giving you access to all the tools you need to coordinate effective operations.

With integrated messaging, you can ensure your team has all the information you need. Send text, media and files to individuals and groups through the platform and receive replies.

Improve planning and co-ordination of your team with location mapping and geofencing, set up automatic and on-demand location updates for real-time data.

Live Video Streaming With Wave PTX

Sometimes word aren’t enough. Stay connected with your teams in the ground with video livestreams from devices. Improve situational awareness with the push of the button and stream video to other users, dispatchers or talkgroups resulting in more accurate communication when it matters.

Optional SafeGuard Package

Keep your workers safe with the optional extra of SafeGuard, an extensive range of Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk options brought to you by Motorola Solutions. Enable emergency-calling and remote user monitoring to provide peace of mind, or discreet listening so your team knows they are protected. WAVE PTX SafeGuard enhances safety and improves efficiency within your teams.

We are Gold Motorola Solutions Partner which means we have gone through extensive training for all Motorola systems, ensuring you get the best service. If you’re looking to implement WAVE PTX or a similar system in your organisation, complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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