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XPT Digital Trunking Is Here

Introducing Hytera’s new XPT system for cost-effective Digital Trunking solutions. Pooling the channel resources on the RD985S repeaters couldn’t be simpler.


XTP (Extended Pseudo Trunk) is a scalable, single site digital trunking solution that allows you to cost-effectively increase system capacity by upgrading the current repeaters.

Connecting to a larger number of users with voice and data has never been easier. XPT complements the best two-way radio using the latest digital technology and is designed with you in mind.

  • XPT will now allow multiple users from various departments faster access to the system. This allows you to handle urgent requests which increases productiviy, enhances customer service and provides better dispatching to security personnel responding to emergencies.
  • This powerful, cost-saving and easy to upgrade XPT system will bring about a bright and original future in various industries. With it, the airport and seaport are able to handle more shipments with higher efficiency; with it, warehouse managers are able to playback the voice recording; with it, hotel customers are able to use the room telephone to call housekeeper’s radio directly.

See the video here.


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