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Automatic Alarm Dispatch for Increased Safety and Efficiency

ZONITH Alarm Control System dispatches alarms from any alarm source to your TETRA or DMR digital radio, Android smartphone app, Spectralink (former Polycom KIRK) DECT/WiFi phone, GSM mobile phone, POCSAG pager and/or an email account. ZONITH Alarm Control System is the backbone of solutions like ZONITH Lone Worker Protection and ZONITH Panic Button.

Automatic Dispatch of Alarms Directly to Employees
Make your business a significantly more efficient and safe workplace through automatic, intelligent dispatch of alarms and tasks.

ZONITH Alarm Control System picks up alarms from any alarm source. It pairs the alarm with the right on-duty employee through the intelligent scheduler, ensuring that problems get handled at the right time by the right person. The alarms are sent as text messages directly to this person on his or her digital radio, android smartphone app, pager, mobile phone or email account, depending on how critical the alarm is.


Key FeatureIntegrated Watch Schedule

A key feature which elevates the ZONITH Alarm Control System to a higher level is the watch schedule integration. This allows the manager to organize the work schedule in the alarm handling software itself, ensuring that alarms are always dispatched to employees who are at work at the time of the dispatch.

Competencies Analysis

All alarms can be labeled with a set of competencies. Employees registered in the scheduler will also be given competencies. This ensures that alarms which demand a certain skill set will be sent to the appropriate employee. Electrical problems to electricians, panic alarms to security and so on.

Prioritised Alarms

Prioritising alarms saves you resources by handling alarms at the best possible time. The priority can influence which dispatch media you use for the alarm, and it can influence when the alarm is dispatched to the receiver. Typically, a low priority alarm raised on the weekend is dispatched the following Monday morning by mail, while a high priority alarm will be dispatched immediately by TETRA or MotoTrbo.

Ensured Alarm Handling

It is crucial that alarms or tasks are taken care of quickly and efficiently. By assigning backup employees you can rest assured the alarm will be handled, even if the primary employee is not able to respond.


Modularity for a Solid and Flexible System
The ZONITH Alarm Control System is kept a solid standard product through Alarm Listeners and Alarm Dispatch Media. Alarm Listeners translate the language of the alarm sources to a language the main software can use. ZONITH Alarm Control System analyses the alarm and dispatches it through the dispatch media to the right person.

Easy Internet Access
The ZONITH Alarm Control System can be accessed through an internet browser. The web interface is mainly for managerial purposes, and the radio will always be the main interface in the daily use of this system. The browser interface is used for scheduling, logging and alarm overview. All you need to know in your daily work will be sent to your radio.

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